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Why Become a Professional Diver

Our Courses

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Choosing a career in commercial diving is a big step, and it's important that you choose your route into the industry carefully. You need to have the correct training to allow you to dive, and you need to have the skills that make you attractive to potential employers.


PDS Commercial Dive Centre is the only training centre in Nigeria that offers all of the highly respected HSE commercial diving qualifications in Air diver training, from HSE SCUBA right up to PADI Underwater Diving. These qualifications are the most widely respected Nigeria, and in many countries you can't dive unless you have the PADI open Water Diving qualifications. On top of that we offer further key courses that prepare you for industry.


Our specialist career packages will give you a competitive edge in securing that all-important first job. They're the ideal preparation for a diving career, and our experienced instructors and excellent facilities ensure you'll get some of the best commercial diver training on offer worldwide.  In addition, as part of all of our career package courses, you will receive essential training in subsea tools and techniques.  Employers will expect you to have some knowledge and experience of industry-specific equipment, which is why here at PDS Commercial Dive Centre we ensure that we are training you for the job – not just the ticket.


At The Underwater Centre you will gain the full number of assessment and work-up dives, providing you with more time in the water and ultimately more experience. Consider this when doing your research and ask before you book.






PDS Commercial Dive Centre

Broka Shopping Complex,

87 Udu, Road Ovwian Warri,

Delta State, Nigeria.







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